We walk alongside without judgement

Safe Engagement

Talk can be hard, proceed at your own pace. Trust needs to be found and reflected during therapy. Science is learning that our mind literally changes as we interact in our world. The gentleness of a horses response can initiate relaxation with a feeling of being safe. We need to feel safe to have hope.

Helping People

Reach Their Goals

Developmental Rehabilitation Environment using Animals to Maintain Skills (DREAMS) connects animals and humans into a therapeutic environment that is designed to enhance the therapy session. Relief from judgement is part of comfort, a requirement for movement and trust in the process.


Promote the therapeutic possibilities of animals through practice, research, and advocacy for the purpose of increasing positive perspectives toward animals,


Provide holistic mental health therapy in a natural setting including animals as part of the therapy team



When you interact with them you are usually in a natural environment. Horses trust humans and allow humans to use them. Horses represent strength and endurance. Humans have relied on horses for hundreds of years. Horses are highly intelligent prey animals that have evolved by being sensitive to their environment. Horses are hard to ignore, they are large and like us have their own personalities.

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