Provide holistic mental health therapy in a natural setting including animals as part of the therapy team



Promote the therapeutic possibilities of animals through practice, research, and advocacy for the purpose of increasing positive perspectives toward animals,

About the Team

Jennifer Kapelos

I got my start with horses before I was born, my mother rode pregnant. Always out in the barn if I could I knew I wanted to provide the unique healing that animals gave me to others. I wanted humans to learn how animals could help us gain better insight to their own abilities to heal. I began working in the social/psychology field after obtaining my bachelor degree from Central Washington University in 1991. I spent a lot of time in Alaska learning from a wide variety of programs what seemed to work for most clients and what didn’t. I completed a master in counseling program and a mater in psychology lead to a doctoral in health administration. I’m grateful to have found the Eagala model and to realize my life goal now has opportunities to grow. I’m honored each time I participate in a session because I have hope that everyone might have dreams that in some way become realities.

Kathy Richardson

Ranch Name: Rusty Bar Ranch
Established in Roy, WA: 2003

I have been riding since the age of 4 when I began lessons at Woodbrook Stables in Lakewood. I bought my first horse at 23 and have not been without one since. I became a CHA instructor in 2007

About the horses: We have horses who have come from rescues, been rescued as a result of cruelty cases, where they were seized from their abusive owners, purchased from the auction, purchased from private parties, or given away when their owners no longer wanted them. I have many different breeds. Some are registered, some are not. I don’t care what breed they are, as long as they have a good mind, and happy disposition.

I refer to every one of my horses as my business partners and treat them well. I also train them to have good manners, in a safe, respectful manner, and teach that to my students. I do my best to have horses who are as safe as they can possibly be, considering they are prey animals who are fearful 24/7.